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This special solution physically destroys microorganisms thanks to nano swords, one millionth of the size of the hair in the web layer formed on the skin. Since the layer is permanent for 24 hours, it provides hygiene for a long time on the skin.

Ministry of Health, FDA, EPA approved, Public Health Suitable


Water based

It does not contain harmful chemicals.


Available in 100ml, 1lt, 5lt, 20lt, wipe and liquid chassis forms.

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Provides protection for up to 30 days


Zone Shield "physically" destroys all kinds of bacteria, viruses and disease-causing microorganisms, including hospital microbes. It also prevents the formation of mold, fungus and algae for at least 30 days. Buy it now.

Available in 100ml, 1lt, 5lt, 20lt and handkerchief forms.

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Nanotechnological washable mask that destroys 99.94% viruses and 99.99% other microorganisms upon contact


Uninterrupted protection for up to 10 washes

Fit rubber

Suitable for all skins


What is ULV Field spraying?

ULV (Ultra Low Volume) is an aerosol mist created with an extremely fine spray technique. It provides the most superior, permanent, effective, realistic and most economical struggle with the least effective substance in destroying the pests. The particles formed by ULV technique instantly affect flying and walking insects, quickly destroys them and maintains their effect power for a long time. is to go.


You Can Safely Use the World Health Organization's (WHO) ULV Device.


Buy it.

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Economical, Technological Solution for Avoiding Diseases Transmitted by Airway:

The Difference of Air Ioniser & Disinfectant Unit C Series Devices from Standard HEPA Filtered and / or UVC Devices


HEPA filter air cleaners can only effectively clean pollutants up to 0.3 micron in size. However, 80% of the particles in the air are less than 0.1 micron. Therefore, devices with HEPA filters cannot inactivate smoke, steam, viruses, most of the house dust mites, most of bacteria, mold, fungus spores and most of cigarette smoke. In contrast, the C Series devices remove contaminants as small as 0.01 micron.

Even in devices with large HEPA filters, it is possible to have an effect only around the device in the room where the device is located. Because in these devices, the air must pass through the filter of the device. On the other hand, it is possible to clean very large areas in C series devices, comparable to very large and expensive HEPA filter devices. This is achieved by electronically spreading natural cleaning agents (negative ions, active oxygen) into the environment as well as the cleaning process that takes place inside these devices. The powerful FAN system, which is available in the C series devices, allows the cleaning process to be carried to common areas by providing both the intake of large amount of air into the device and the rapid release of air to the outside environment. In addition, a very little air flow is needed for the movement of negative ions and active oxygen released to the outside environment. In addition, negative ions and active oxygen move from room to room by engaging in electrical activity with other elements in the air. All these properties make the effect widespread.

In devices with HEPA filters, 1-3 filters should be changed approximately every 3 months, depending on their characteristics. This brings costs up to several hundred dollars every 3 months. C series devices are very economical with 2000 hours filter life and 6000 hours UV life.


  • Extremely high UV-C dose

  • Patented Filter Technology

  • Superior Ionizer and Ozone Generator

  • Maximum security within the protective panel

  • Corrosion resistant

  • 316 lt stainless steel functional parts.

  • Coating with electrostatic paint

  • Optimized hygienic design


Contact for project-based solutions .


rapid antigen
test kit

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Nano-Nitrile Gloves

Powder-Free - Durable - Flexible

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Cerrahi Maske

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