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  • It is Time to Enjoy Nano Technological 30 Days Protection! Highly effective anti-microbial nanotechnological disinfection, which was used in the US military years ago, is now in the form of a wipe at hand.

    It has the lowest toxicity that can harm human, animal, plant and environment, is nature-friendly, it was created with a Quaternary Ammonium Chloride derivative developed with a 3-year R&D and excellent Si technology; It is a water-based nanotechnological Disinfectant and Technology that Provides Long-Term Permanent Protection.

    Zone Shield is definitely not a chemical reaction germicidal. It is designed to act physically using the atomic structures of its active ingredients. ZoneShield, whose activity starts when applied to the surface and becomes stronger as a result of the evaporation of the water in its content; Nano Swords that contain 16 carbon atoms on the surfaces form and these swords, which are connected to each other with a polymeric network layer, cause all kinds of microorganisms to die by breaking the cell wall.

    It provides broad spectrum activity against bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi and protozoa.

    It is not toxic. It does not contain a carcinogenic element.

    ZONESHIELD is durable. Its effectiveness continues for a long time on the applied surface. It prevents contamination risks between cleaning periods and cannot be removed from the surface by processes such as disinfection, sanitation or washing.

    ZONE SHIELD uses a physical killing mechanism, thus eliminating the poisoning cycle that leads to resistance and does not create super microbes.

    ZONE SHIELD is water based. It has no negative volatile organic emissions and does not create adverse environmental impacts throughout its entire lifecycle.

    ZONE SHIELD is cost competitive and makes a noticeable difference to your effective costs given the potential for re-contamination or cross contamination.

    Traditional disinfectants; it loses its effectiveness as the carrier structure moves away; therefore it is considered an instant disinfectant. However, the general purpose of Zone Shield Technology; 100% long-term permanence on surfaces.

    Long Term Protection

    The colorless and odorless active ingredient of Zone Shield is carried by water. When applied to any surface, the water evaporates, the active substance is fixed by covalent bonding to the surface and becomes a part of the applied surface. Microscopic thickness, homogeneous and continuous "antimicrobial barrier" is formed. It provides broad spectrum activity against bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi and protozoa.

Antimicrobial surface wipes / Permanent protection effect / 15 pieces single

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